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Granite Remnants

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What is a granite remnant?

Granite remnants are leftover pieces of granite from full slabs. Many times they can offer the biggest bang for your buck, and they are many times especially useful in smaller projects. When full slabs of granite or natural stone are cut, many times there are perfectly useful pieces leftover that can be reused. The popularity of these remnants is increasing, especially for things like shower seats, vanities, coffee tables, and islands.


How much do granite remnants cost?

It depends on the size and type of granite, along with many other factors. Many times granite remnants are cheaper than buying an equal size piece that is cut from a full slab. Also, since the fabricator/supplier has already paid for the slab, a lot of times the granite remnant piece is sold at a lower cost.


How do granite remnants look?

Most of the time granite remnants have a smooth polished surface. Sometimes they also come in various finishes and textures, such as honed, flamed, or brushed.


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